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Nils “Bo” Ohman

Welcome!  As an author of Christian based speculative fiction novels, I hope you are here because you have read or are reading one of my novels and have something to say about it.  I would greatly appreciate you completing the below reply form giving me a review of the novel you have read.

To me, speculative fiction can be set in the past or future. In the past, it can take a couple of directions: either events of which most people are unaware (e.g. Cold Warriors, Airship!), or alternate history such as Newt Gingrich’s Pearl Harbor and Revolutionary War alternatives. In the future, some might call it science fiction, but it is an exciting extrapolation of current directions. In the Triune Chronicles, I am seeking to explore a near term future that, if true could profoundly affect yours and my lives. I am convinced that God is actively engaged in people’s lives (I have over forty examples in my own life) and, through fiction, show how He could affect people’s lives and, as a result, the future unexpected by the futurologists and pundits.

If you would like to review the synopsis of my current or forthcoming novels or order one of them, click on the Menu item above titled “Author Website”.  I hope you will enjoy them!

My next book is part of a series called Cold Warriors: The first Pillar of Fire, formerly Cold Warriors, is going to my agent in January and should be available in mid-2018. Excerpts of my latest novel in draft will be added here  (click on each menu item you want to read in the black bar above). I encourage your comments. Thank  you.

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  1. To all who read this, I am traveling to Europe to participate with a small church in the Netherlands. I will be part of a Partnership Mission and will report on the activities every day or so. I hope also to visit Den Haag to the site of two of my scenes in my second of the Triune Chronicles trilogy: the Escher Museum and Den Pier in Sweringen. In Discovery, the United Nations Space Agency has displaced the Escher Museum, but the collection remains. This is where my protagonist, Nick Childress (Levi) expects to be rewarded for saving two scientists during an encounter with a meteor swarm. Instead because of events described in Discovery, he is court-martialed and leaves the UN Space Service. Before he does, he has an amazing evening with an earlier love of his life at Den Pier.
    Though I am finishing the 1986-set book, Checkmate, I pine to finish Discovery. It is not a good idea to try to write two novels at the same time. For blog responders who wish to gete a sample of my reading, you can go to the Author’s webside above for the Preface and Chapter One of Triune, the first of the trilogy. Blessings to you, Bo

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