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"Escape to New Worlds" (cont'd from Home Page)

In Triune, many of the scenes are based on personal visits. Where they are not, or where my visits are dated, I do as extensive research as I can so the reader will feel he or she is there. I solicit feedback at my email address if I have missed the boat. I will, to the best of my ability, answer each one and adjust my perceptions as I can. I am not an astronaut, but I have followed the space program from square one and sought astronaut sources for the “feel” of space. I do count those heroes among mine and deeply appreciate not only their willingness to “go where no one has gone before,” but also to the heroic scientists and engineers of all nations who were and are willing to sacrifice their own lives to get it “right” so the brave men and women who go will be as safe and capable as possible.

Characters, though, are the lifeblood of writing, especially since transformation is what escaping to new worlds is all about. I love people, hearing their stories and how God has transformed them. The characters in my novels live in my conscious mind sometimes as composites of people I know or have known. They help me write the stories about them. For a “Plot first” writer, as Jeff Gerke [3] calls me, I am working to develop my way of character development by listening to them. I hope you enjoy and are changed by my stories.

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